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Pickled Panda

PandaSkull: Poodle Noodle Limited Edition Print

PandaSkull: Poodle Noodle Limited Edition Print

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PandaSkull: Poodle Noodle

This piece turned out to be a sort of visual diary of thoughts, energies and intentions for the duration of creating this piece (around a month). 

The painting consists of layers and layers of writing, doodling and splashes of colours and paints. It worked almost like writing in the beach, every time I went to the studio to paint on it, something would be painted over and new sentences and doodles added. Only a few sentences and doodles remain from the beginning, and often because something made me NOT want to paint over it. 

In the centre is the image of the panda skull, which for me represents the symbol of the arch type of the fool. A central figure in my work, and a symbol I ground myself in. It a reminder to approach things playfully, to stay curious. To be tenacious, get up and try again if you fail (what ever failure actually is!). To stay truthful and inform tactically with good humour. 

The painting is a visual representation of the human mind. A time-lapse of a month of pondering, of energy, of longing, wanting, chasing, loving, enjoying and just in general the intensity of what is the human life force.


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